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miso soup

Variety of Japanese Superfoods

There are some variety of superfood in Japan’s traditional foodstuff. Now let’s see the four Japanese superfoods that a JSA, Japan Superfoods Association recommends to the world.

#1 Natto

Natto is fermented boiled soybeans with bacillus subtilis natto. By the fermentation, the nutritions of natto increase such as vitamin B. Natto has about seven times of more vitamin B than boiled soybean. Moreover, protein, calcium, vitamin K, chlorophyll and diet fiber are in natto. In Japan, natto is attracting the most attention as the prevention of osteoporosis.

Natto has unique sickness and small. put some sauce and mustard and stir well before you eat. Normally people put on rice. And sometimes mix with pasta, fried rice, omelette.

#2 Miso

Miso is fermented seasoning steamed soya bean, rice or wheat, added salt and malt. Miso has lots of nutritions like protein calcium, potassium, iron, amino acid, vitamins.
And it’s no exaggeration to say that miso decided Japanese foods flavor. Miso soup is eaten everyday in Japan’s meal. And people use miso as seasoning very much. You may heard miso-ramen, noodle in miso flavored soup. They put miso in fried vegetables. Good to use like dip sauce.

#3 Green Tea

Green tea is the best with Japanese food. Matcha is a kind of green tea. Green tea has vitamins like C,B and E and minerals like potassium. Catechin, caffeine, flavonol and fluorine are also contained.
And these days, Shokucha, eating tea leaves is getting more popular. In traditional Japanese culture, they serve tea to their guests in the traditional way, which is called “Sado”, Japanese tea ceremony. People enjoy “wabi-sabi”, a sense of beauty like a quiet and subdued refinement. That culture is actually became a kind of art but most people in Japan still enjoy tea after supper at their home.