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Kinako(Soybean Flour)

Kinako(Soybean Flour)
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Kinako(Soybean Flour)


Kinako(Soybean flour) is finely ground and roasted soybeans. Soybean contains vitamin, minerals, chlorophyl, isoflavone, lecithin.
The light sweetness makes easier to mix with other foods. Good with milk or soy milk, sprinkling on toast with butter, mixing with cake and cookies, ice creams and pudding.

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What is Kinako?

Kinako is produced by grinding roasted and peeled soybeans into powder.
it has been eaten and loved for a long time in Japan, from around A.D. 710.
Kinako contains a lot of nutrition such as vitamins, minerals, folic acid, soy isoflavone and lecithin.
one or two tablespoons of KInako is good enough for intake of ideal nutrition for your health.

How to eat Kinako

Kinako is good pairing with other foods because of its slightly sweetness.
For more details how to eat Kinako, see → THE JAPANESE SUPERFOODS MAGAZINE “What is Kinako?”

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