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Matcha is a kind of green tea. It is very popular as a souvenir in Japan. In traditional Japanese culture, they serve tea to their guests in the traditional way, which is called “Sado”, Japanese tea ceremony. People enjoy “wabi-sabi”, a sense of beauty like a quiet and subdued refinement.
Not only drinking but also using for making sweets such as manju, a Japanese bun, red bean paste with matcha, mixed in dough of cake and cookies. Also good with ice cream or pudding. Matcha-jio, salt with matcha, is the best with tempura. Matcha is also good in milk or soy milk.

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Matcha, One of Green Tea.


Macha is a kind of green tea, which is very popular as souvenir in Japan. The tea leaves are the same species, Camellia sinensis, however, the way to grow is different to normal green tea. What is the difference? They cover the leaves and shield them from strong sun lights. Then, the tea leaves become softer and have good flavor more than the ones exposed strong sun light. Matcha is powdered such tea leaves. It is harder to make matcha so it is more expensive.

Whole Nutrition of Matcha Leaves

When you drink matcha, you dissolve in hot water or milk. That means you can take whole of the nutrition of tea leaves.

Best Way to Make Matcha


We are going to introduce good way to make matcha.
check out this link →THE JAPANESE SUPERFOODS MAGAZINE “Best Way to Make Matcha”


Matcha green tea cookies

We are going to show the recipe with matcha.

Enjoy Matcha More Than Drinking

Beauty Pack

Matcha has about four to seven times of vitamin C than tangerine. And also contains lots of nutrition which is good for our beauty like vitamin E, catechin, saponin. So some people using matcha for cosmetics or a beauty pack to their face.
check out this link →THE JAPANESE SUPERFOODS MAGAZINE “Enjoy Matcha More Than Drinking”

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