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Brown rice

Brown rice
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Brown rice


Brown rice means unpolished rice. It is called “Natural Comprehensive Nutritional Food”. Brown rice is staple food in macrobiotic due to the high nutrition.

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What is Brown Rice?

Brown rice

Brown rice is unpolished rice. White rice is the one that bran and embryo are removed.
95 percent of nutritions of brown rice is in bran so polishing rice removes lots of part of nutritions of rice. It is called “Natural Comprehensive Nutritional Food”.
Brown rice has more nutritions. Especially, vitamins, minerals, iron are remarkable.

What is Sprouted Brown Rice?

homemade germinated brown rice

“Sprouted brown rice” is a brown rice germinated 0.5mm to 1mm.
The most difference to normal brown rice is the easiness to cook. If you cook normal brown rice, you need to soak in the water but sprinted brown rice, you just cook like the white rice. By sprouting, rice bran softens and people who doesn’t like hard brown rice will eat easily.
Sprouted brown rice are commercially available in stores but you can make by yourself too.

check out this link →THE JAPANESE SUPERFOODS MAGAZINE “What is Sprouted Brown Rice?”

Good Way to Cook Brown Rice

People sometimes say that they want to eat brown rice in daily life but the texture is too hard. But it’s too early to give up! The reason why brown rice is hard is because of how to cook!
The right way to cook will change the texture very much.
So we will introduce good way to cook brown rice!

check out this link →THE JAPANESE SUPERFOODS MAGAZINE “Good Way to Cook Brown Rice”

Mixed Rice also Good

And if you can also mix with white rice. White : brown = 2:1, we recommend. You should soak brown rice for two or three hours. It takes little bit time but if you soak white one like brown, the rice texture is going to be bad. The amount of water is okay as same as just cooking white rice.

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