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Why Many Japanese Superfoods Fermented?

Why Many Japanese Superfoods Fermented?
December 5, 2016 james

The point is Fermentation

Many Japanese superfood are fermented, such as natto, miso, amazake. So why many Japanese superfood are fermented?

What’s fermented Foods?

So what is fermented foods?
Fermentation is a kind of macroorganic good effect on human being. Microbe which does fermentation is called fermentative bacteria. This bacteria makes high nutrition, delicious taste, color, and flavor during fermentation. So fermented foods has better taste and more nutrient.

Japan is Fermented Food Country!

japan has a lot of fermented foods. The reason is based on Japanese dietary culture.
Real Japanese food is consisted with “rice”, “soup”, “vegetable”, and “pickles”. Rice is as staple food, to eat rice deliciously, put soup, side dish and pickles. Rice is bland taste and good with fermented food full of flavor. That is why fermented foods have been eaten in Japanese lifestyle.

One of the reason why many superfoods are fermented is Japanese food culture need them in their life. Now try many kinds of fermented foods in Japan!

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