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What’s Umeboshi?

What’s Umeboshi?
December 19, 2016 james

Umeboshi is pickled plum, Japanese people have been loved to eat in rice ball or lunch box. If you just put white rice in lunch box and only one umeboshi at the center of the box, that is called Hinomaru Bento, which means Japan’s flag lunch box. Traditional food umeboshi draws many people’s attention as superfood.

More bout Umeboshi

Umeboshi is sun-dried fully ripened “ume” preserved with salt. “Ume” is a plant of the family Roseceae and genus Prunus originally from China. Wakayama Prefecture produces 70-80 percent of the all ume in Japan and “Namko-ume” is very famous as a high quality ones.
There are different kinds of umeboshi. the most standard one is white Shiro-umeboshi pickled with coarse salt, Akajiso-zuke is with red perilla, Hachimitsu-zuke with honey, Kari-kari-ume is tiny umes pickled with red perilla. You should try many kinds of ume when you visit Japan!

Main Ingredients and Feature

Umeboshi has five ore six times of citric acid. Citric acid is sourness so the sour taste is because of the citric acid. It induces the secretion of saliva and work our appetite and brakes down the lactic acid which is the reason of fatigue. (ref: www.umekounou.com ) And the remarkable thing is not only citric acid but also catechin and mineral.
People sometimes think umeboshi is acidic because of the acidity, but it’s actually an alkalinity food. The body of human is slightly alkalinity and if he/she eats cidic food such as meat, eggs or grain, human body consumes minerals or calcium to become the body alkalinity. So people are recommender to have right amount of alkalinity food.

Want to Try Umeboshi?

Sour and good flavor with a lot of nutrition food, umeboshi. Please try once!

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