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What is Sprouted Brown Rice?

What is Sprouted Brown Rice?
November 24, 2016 james
homemade germinated brown rice

What is Sprouted Brown Rice?

“Sprouted brown rice” is a brown rice germinated 0.5mm to 1mm.
The most difference to normal brown rice is the easiness to cook. If you cook normal brown rice, you need to soak in the water but sprinted brown rice, you just cook like the white rice. By sprouting, rice bran softens and people who doesn’t like hard brown rice will eat easily.
And the sprouting gains GABA, gamma‐aminobutyric acid, three times, which is ten times of that of white rice. In Japan, there is a chocolate, “GABA” by Glico co. ltd. According to Glico’s website, “ It is reported that gamma‐aminobutyric acid has a function to reduce temporary mentally stress of clerical work.”. Sprouted brown rice available commercially are more expensive than brown rice but the easiness to eat and the attraction of GABA makes more popular.

How to Make Sprouted Brown Rice

Sprouted brown rice are commercially available in stores but you can make by yourself too.
Pretty easy to do that. Just soak some brown rice in water for half day or a day in hot season, a couple days in cold season!
Make sure to sink floating brown rice because it can get moldy. And if you leave them in high temperature room or too long, brown rice can go rotten.

Further Information

For more information about nutrition of sprouted brown rice, see the article. (→What is Brown Rice?)

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