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What is Green Tea?

What is Green Tea?
November 23, 2016 james
Matcha green tea

Celebs into Green Tea!

Japanese green tea is known as a “diet drink” in the US. Actually, Jennifer Lopez drinks green tea everyday to keep her beautiful shape and Christina Aguilera loved to drink green tea to reduce her weight after childbirth. Green tea sweets are quite popular as souvenir! Let’s see the secret of the popularity!

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is picked tea leaves which are cooked and stopped fermentation. It’s been loved for a long time as a best drink with Japanese food in lifestyle in Japan. Matcha, a popular souvenir in Japan is one kind of green tea.

Nutrition Value in Green Tea?

Green tea contains lots of minerals like vitamin C, B, E, potassium. Moreover, catechin, caffeine, flavonol, and fluoridation are in it.
These days, Shokucha, eating tea leaves getting more popular because of the high nutritions.
For more details of Shokucha, see → “Green Tea is Food?!

Best Way to Brew Green Tea

Please check out the article →“Best Way to Brew Sencha.

More Green Tea in Your Lifestyle!

Thanks to the active ingredient, green tea is popularly used as detergent, deodorant, germicide, facial pack, and soap.
Green tea matches many kinds of food. Please try more green tea in your life!

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