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Sweets Recipe with Kinako #1; Kinako Cookie

Sweets Recipe with Kinako #1; Kinako Cookie
January 17, 2017 james

Today, we are going to show you Kinako (one of the Japanese Superfoods: soy bean flour) sweets recipe!

Kinako Cookie

Kinako 50g
Starch 50g
Flour 50g
Sugar 30g
Oil 50g

Put Kinako, starch, flour and sugar into a bowl and stir well.
Add oil and mix it well again.
Make it some balls on your hand and arrange them on a plate placed cooking paper.
Bake for 25 min with 170℃ oven. If the pieces clacking, finish!

They are so light and cranky cookies! It’s so easy and becoming a topic on the Internet. Why not trying to make this delicious and easy cookie

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