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  • Dec132016
    Matcha green tea cookies

    Matcha Sweets Recipe #1 Matcha Cookies

    So now, we are going to show the recipe of some sweets with matcha. Here is how to make matcha cookies! 帰ってきておやつがないけど、雨で出たくないからあるものでクッキー焼いた??抹茶とごまにしてみた?抹茶が濃くて美味しいよ?? #抹茶クッキー#ごまいり#抹茶が濃い#手作りクッキー izumiさん(@izumi_112)が投稿した写真 – 2016…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec112016
    Beauty Pack

    Enjoy Matcha More Than Drinking

    Matcha has about four to seven times of vitamin C than tangerine. And also contains lots of nutrition which is good for our beauty like vitamin…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec092016

    Best Way to Make Matcha

    Now, we are going to introduce good way to make matcha. Here is an example from a one of the most famous Japanese tea company, Fukujuen’s…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec072016
    Macha green powder

    What’s Matcha?!

    Matcha, One of Green Tea. Macha is a kind of green tea, which is very popular as souvenir in Japan. The tea leaves are the same…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec052016

    Why Many Japanese Superfoods Fermented?

    The point is Fermentation Many Japanese superfood are fermented, such as natto, miso, amazake. So why many Japanese superfood are fermented? What’s fermented Foods? So what…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec032016

    What is Kinako?

    Kinako is produced by grinding roasted and peeled soybeans into powder. it has been eaten and loved for a long time in Japan, from around A.D.…

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    Japanese Superfoods