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Miso Recioe #3 Miso Carbonara

Miso Recioe #3 Miso Carbonara
January 29, 2017 james

So, today we are going to show my favorite pasta, carbonara with miso!

Miso Carbonara

Ingredients (for 4 ):

  • Pasta 330g
  • Sliced bacon 90g
  • Egg 4pc
  • Milk 100cc
  • Miso 3tablespoon
  • Parmesan cheese 3tablespoon
  • Salt
  • Fresh cream 1tablespoon


  1. Pour water and add salt in a pot and cook pasta.
  2. Cook bacon for a minute on a pan and stop the fire.
  3. Put eggs, milk, parmesan cheese and miso in a bowl and dissolve miso.
  4. Add pasta and sauce and cook for 20seconds with medium heat.
  5. And low the heat and add fresh cream at last.

The Japanese flavor carbonara. Let’s give it a try at your home!

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