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Let’s cook the Miso soup

Let’s cook the Miso soup
November 29, 2016 james
miso soup

Speaking of the most popular dish of Japanese super food “Miso”, it’s Miso soup.
Here is how to cook Miso soup in traditional and standard way.

Making Dashi(Japanese broth)

The first step is the making Dashi – Japanese broth.
Above all, Making Dashi in right way enables the intake of nutrition in Kombu (kelp) and Katsuo (bonito) and enrich the taste by Umami(amino acid) in them, which means you can cook Miso soup with small amount used of Miso.
Though Miso is nutritious superfoods, it contains a lot of salt. Therefore if you can reduce amount used of of Miso, you will consume less salt for your health. I recommend you to make a Dashi with care, it’s worth it.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Combine the 900ml water and 10cm piece on each Kombu in a uncovered saucepan, cook on a low heat for 20 minutes.
Remove the Kombu just as the water starts to come to a boil. Be careful not to boil the water, it cause loss of flavor.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Add the 30-40 grams of bonito flakes and simmer on a low heat for 3 minute. Don’t stir the broth, let the bonito flakes sink naturally.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Remove the scum, strain the bonito from Dashi with a kitchen cloth. Be careful not to squeeze it strongly.
Then Dashi is ready!

Cook the Miso soup

Let’s cook the Miso soup
When the Dashi is ready, let’s move on the Miso soup cooking! Ingredients are Tohu, Dried Wakame-Seaweed, and leek. This is the most standard way in Japan.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Slice the leek thinly, approximately 3 mm each.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Reconstitute the dried Wakame-seaweed in water and drain off the water.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Put the Tofu on your hand and cut into small cubes, 2 cm on each side. Be careful not to cut your hand or finger!

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Pour the Dashi into the saucepan and add the Tofu and Wakame-seaweed. Shimmer until it starts to come to boil.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
After boiling, stop the heat. Place the miso on the scoop and whisk with a folk or whisk until miso is entirely dissolved.

Let’s cook the Miso soup
Shimmer again just enough to warm, not to boil the Miso soup.
Just before starts to come to boil, stop the heat and add the leeks over the soup.
It is ready to eat!

Let’s cook the Miso soup

Miso soup
However this recipe is the most standard way of Miso soup, the ingredients are various depends on the seasons, regions, and families. Potatos, Onions, and mushrooms are good pairing with Miso soup. Try and find your own way at home!

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