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Have You Ever Heard Dried Natto?

Have You Ever Heard Dried Natto?
January 8, 2017 james

What is Dried Natto?

Natto is a fermented food which is cooked soy beans. Natto attracts attentions as a Japanese superfoods around the world.
Dried natto is sun-dried natto and it keeps for a long time. You may not like the unique smell of natto but dried one is less strong and less sticky. So it gets popular for who doesn’t like natto.

Nutritions of Dried Natto

Dried natto contains protein,vitamin B2, B6, E, potassium, iron, calcium and minerals. The variation of nutritions is the same as natto but the amount goes up.

How to Eat Dried Natto

You can just with rice like natto. Or some people add hot water. And you can also use as croutons on salad. This is also easy to make natto-pasta because it doesn’t form long thread.

Dried Natto, Easy Natto

Dried natto is easy to eat and has a lot of nutritions. So it is also good to eat like snacks.

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