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Good Way to Cook Brown Rice

Good Way to Cook Brown Rice
November 27, 2016 james
Brown rice

People sometimes say that they want to eat brown rice in daily life but the texture is too hard. But it’s too early to give up! The reason why brown rice is hard is because of how to cook!
The right way to cook will change the texture very much.
So we will introduce good way to cook brown rice!

① Washing

You don’t need to wash brown rice so hard like white rice. Put some water and brown rice into a bowl then stir little bit. The dust will float up so just remove a couple of times. Then scoop up the rice and wash by rubbing by both hands. Scuffing the surface of rice and it will absorb more water and the brown rice is cooked more softer.

② Water

Put the washed brown rice into the rice cooker and pour water. The ratio is brown rice : water = 1:1.6. You may feel the amount of water is too much but, if you cook brown rice like white, that will be too hard. And put little but salt into the rice cooker. That removes harshness from brown rice and tastes better. The amount should be 0.3g for 150g of brown rice.

③ Soaking

Brown rice absorbs less water than white rice, so it’s better to soak in water for six to eight hours. Be careful that the water doesn’t go rotten. You can replace water if you are worried in hot season.

④ Steaming

After cooking, just leave for 10 minutes in the jar. And finish!
When you cook using pressure cooker or just a pot, the amount of water will change so we recommend you to check the user’s manual or website.

Mixed Rice also Good

And if you can also mix with white rice. White : brown = 2:1, we recommend. You should soak brown rice for two or three hours. It takes little bit time but if you soak white one like brown, the rice texture is going to be bad. The amount of water is okay as same as just cooking white rice.

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