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Enjoy Matcha More Than Drinking

Enjoy Matcha More Than Drinking
December 11, 2016 james
Beauty Pack

Matcha has about four to seven times of vitamin C than tangerine. And also contains lots of nutrition which is good for our beauty like vitamin E, catechin, saponin. So some people using matcha for cosmetics or a beauty pack to their face. We are gong to describe here is how to make cosmetics and beauty pack with matcha.
*If the cosmetic doesn’t match to your face, stop using them.

How to make Matcha Cosmetic.


  • Matcha: 2g
  • Glycerin: 10cc
  • Purification: Water

Put everything above and stir well. That’s it! Keep in the refrigerator and use in a week because there is no preservative in it.

How to Make Matcha Beauty Pack.


  • Matcha: one tea spoon
  • Wheat flour: one tea spoon
  • Water: proper quantity

Mix Matcha and Wheat Powder on a pour some water little by like, It becomes pasty. Put it on your face and leave about 10min, then wash with tepid water.
Recommended to do a patch test which is generally prevailing as an allergy reaction test before using on your face.

Not Only For Drink!

Matcha is used in some places in Japan. When you visit Japan, take a look around more matcha use!

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