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  • Feb012017

    Kinako Recipe 3 : Kinako Granola

    Now, we are going to introduce the recipe of Kianko Granola at home!

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Jan062017
    Matcha Parfait

    3 Matcha Parfait for Matcha Sweets Lovers in Kyoto

    Matcha sweets are very popular for people from foreign countries as well as Japanese. No one can ignore matcha sweets…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec292016

    3 Shops to Have Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto

    When you have a chance to visit Kyoto, you should visit here to have a tea ceremony experience. Tea Ceremony…

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    Japanese Superfoods
  • Dec212016
    Daigoji Temple in Autumn, Kyoto, Japan

    Enjoy Authentic Matcha Here: 3 Temples in Kyoto.

    Ginkaku Ji www.shokoku-ji.jp 銀閣寺 #銀閣寺#慈照寺#京都 ? mana ?さん(@rururu726)が投稿した写真 – 2016 12月 5 5:52午後 PST One of the most famous temples…

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    Japanese Superfoods