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Brown Rice Powder Attracts Attentions!

Brown Rice Powder Attracts Attentions!
January 11, 2017 james
Brown rice

Rice powder is popular for people who are up to gluten free food or are wheat allergy. So do you know brown rice powder?

What’s Brown Rice Powder?

It is powder from brown rice. As we already showed, it has high nutritions. (More about Brown Rice →”What is Brown Rice”)
Brown rice is not good for digestion so it is recommended to chew well when eating, however, brown rice powder is easier to digest.
And it’s also easer to arrange for any meals and attract attentions as substitution for people like to eat gluten free.

How to make Brown Rice Powder

It is so simple. Just ground brown rice with a grinder or a mill. If you want to make powder of sprouted brown rice, you should soak rice into water and make sprout first and make dry with pan or oven, and then grind them!

Brown Rice For…

Sweets like cake, crape, cookies, bread, pasta, stew and other meals! If you have cared allergy problems, you can try brown rice powder and you can eat things above!

Enjoy Meals with Brown Rice!

No more worries if you care gluten or wheat allergy. Try brown rice powder and enjoy wider foods more!

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