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Best Way to Make Matcha

Best Way to Make Matcha
December 9, 2016 james

Now, we are going to introduce good way to make matcha. Here is an example from a one of the most famous Japanese tea company, Fukujuen’s website and following movie.

①Warm Tea Bowl

Pour some hot water and move the water like turing slowly. After warming the bowl, dump the water and wipe out all the water.

②Sieve Matcha

Sieve about 2 grams of matcha and you can make smoother texture matcha.

③Pour Matcha and Hot Water

Pour 2 grams of matcha powder into the bowl and 60 to 80 cc of 80℃ of hot water.

First, hold the tea bowl and stir he bottom of matcha in the bowl using tea whisk and then move the whisk back and forth quickly. Stir the tea until it becomes light and foamy. It comes big bubbles at first. And move the top of tea whisk slowly on the big bubbles, they will become small bubbles.The bubbles becomes small evenly, remove the whisk from the middle of bowl, and now you can enjoy the authentic matcha!

Try matcha with some tea sweets!

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