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Best Way to Brew Sencha

Best Way to Brew Sencha
November 23, 2016 james
Best Way to Brew Sencha

Let me introduce how to brew best Sencha, green tea.

What is Sencha?

Sencha is the most popular and most produced tea in Japan. Well balanced rich flavor and bitterness. Sencha features pleasant acidity and rich aftertaste.

Things to Prepare

Following things for one person.
Things to Prepare

How to Brew

Best Way to Brew Sencha
Using a small tea cup like in the picture.
First, put some hot water in the cup and let it cool down. You can also measure how much hot water you need for a cup.
best way to brew sencha
3 or 4 grams for a cup. So about 9 to 12 grams for three.
best way to brew sencha
Pour the hot water back into the tea pot, put the lid and wait for a minute.
best way to brew sencha
After a minute, pour evenly like 1→2→3→3→2→1.
best way to brew sencha
Pour to the last drop.

The Second Brew?

You can take the second cup of Sencha from the same leaves. You don’t need to cool down the hot water and by making shorten the steaming time, you can enjoy the tasty flavor.
The second brew contains most of the active ingredient so you should use new tea leaves for the next cup.

Try to Brew Good Sencha

This is the most standard way to brew Sencha. Try and enjoy good Sencha at home!

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