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Amazake at Home

Amazake at Home
January 2, 2017 james

Amazake, one of the Japanese superfoods. Many people like to drink one on a market, and some people make their amazake at home.

Here is a movie shows how to make Amazake. So now, we are going to show following it.

Amazake at Home

  • rice 150g
  • water 270g+300g
  • Koji (Malt) 250g


  1. Wash 150g rice and add 270g water.
  2. Amazake at Home

  3. Cook the pan and after boiled, put a lid and simmer over low heat for 15 min.
  4. Amazake at Home

  5. Then add 300g of water and stir to cool down to 70℃.
  6. Amazake at Home

  7. Add 250g of malt and mix well.
  8. Amazake at Home

  9. Prepare a yogurt maker like this.→www.amazon.com
  10. Yogurutia

  11. Put 4 into the yogurt maker.
  12. Amazake at Home

  13. Keep it 65℃ for 6 to 8 hours.
  14. Amazake at Home

  15. Finish!
  16. Amazake at Home

Let’s try to make Amazake at home.

To keep the temperature, it’s easy by using a yogurt maker. You can also do with rice cooker too. Malted rice may not be easily available in your country, if you can, you can enjoy Amazake at home!

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